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SMC Study - Remote Learning

A one-stop point for information during the period of home learning.

Parents/carers -click the drop down arrow on the left to access information on how to support your child whilst working at home.

Information for Parents & Carers


The way we educate children has had to change at St’s College. Following government advice, the majority of our students can no longer be educated on site.

We have developed a remote access platform called ‘SMC Study’ where students can access their learning as well as other resources and guidance that will support them through this challenging time.

Students can access the SharePoint through logging on to Office 365 on using their usual school log in details. The icon for the SharePoint looks like this:

More information on this can be found in ‘How to Access SMC Remote Study as well as on our school Twitter account @SMCHull You can also see the latest news and updates on the Twitter page.

Students have been advised that they should follow their usual school timetable each day, accessing the lessons they would have been taught if they have been in school.


Your child will be contacted by their personal tutor or a member of the year team each week. Where possible, staff will try and call home to speak to parents/carers & your child to see if they have everything they need for remote learning and to ensure they can access everything.

If your child needs to contact their teachers or their personal tutor, they can find their email address in the ‘Support, Guidance & Advice’ section on the SMC Study SharePoint. To use their email, students should use ‘Outlook’ on Office 365.

Look for the Outlook icon and this will take students to their inbox where emails from teachers will be and where they can write an email to staff and also send them their work. Contact advice for parents including a comment box that will be submitted directly to school is available in the ‘Who to contact’ section at the bottom of this page.

How to complete work:

Once students have accessed their lesson resources, they should complete all the work set. Ideally, this should be done in subject exercise books. If students do not have access to these, then they can use a notepad, paper or type on a laptop / tablet / computer should they have one available to use. During this period we will trust students to complete their work and will not be able to check all that they do.
Assessments however will continue, which will be marked with feedback provided (see Assessment and Feedback section). Some students may wish to photograph/share their efforts with teachers via e-mail but this is absolutely not an expectation and it will not always be possible to receive a response.

Office 365 gives students access to Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. Students can use these, especially Microsoft Word to complete work should they need to. They open in the web browser and can be saved to students’ One Drive account or downloaded to be saved to a computer. Here are the icons to look for and what each one can do:

Microsoft Word: This is a word processing programme where students can type up their work and save it to their device or the One Drive.

Microsoft Power Point: Lots of lessons are made on Power Point which students will be able to access. This is the resource that would normally be displayed on the screens in a classroom .

Microsoft Excel: This is a spreadsheet that is useful for making graphs, recording data and calculating figures. Students will only be asked to use this if they are familiar with it already.

Assessment & Feedback:

It is important that students continue to receive feedback on their work so we can help them to make progress during their remote learning. There will be designated times when students must complete formal assessments for their subjects. When set, students will be given additional guidance on the amount of time they have to complete it, and then who they should send it to and by when. Teachers will then mark their work and return it to them with areas of development and where appropriate, some tasks to complete as feedback.

It is important that students have a place to study at home for all aspects of their learning, but it is especially important for students to complete their assessments in a quiet place with few distractions. Should students fail to complete formal assessments, teachers will be contacting home to inform parents / carers and we ask for your support in ensuring that all students complete assessment when set.

Tips for parents to support remote learning:

It is important to help keep students motivated throughout this period of time. Please see how Tips and Advice for Parents and Carers on Remote Learning. (Do you think we can have a hyperlink?)

Useful links:

There are a series of useful links on the Share Point for students to take their studies further. In some instances, teachers may direct students to use these links as a part of their lesson. Websites such as BBC Bitesize do not need a log in, but the ones below do. Here is how to log on, and who to contact should you be unable to:

Audiopi: Podcasts that are useful for a range of subjects, especially English Literature.


Password: listen4free

Contact at school:

SAM Learning: An online website which develops independent learning across a range of subjects

Centre ID: HU6SM

User ID: 010899DJ (for David Jones born 1st August 1999)

Password: Student’s password (initially same as User ID) 010899DJ


Maths Watch:

Year 7 username: 19_Paddock_S@smchull password: password

Year 8 username: 18_Paddock_S@smchull password: password

Year 9 username: 17_Paddock_S@smchull password: password

Year 10 username: 16_Paddock_S@smchull password: password

Year 11 username: 15_Paddock_S@smchull password: password

Contact: or

Memrise for MFL

Search for Memrise SMC GCSE French / Spanish – from here students can make their own username and password.


Who to contact?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our Share Point, please email or you could telephone the school on 01482 851136 where your query will be passed on to the relevant year team.

If you have any questions or queries about the remote learning, or have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact the year teams on the emails below:


Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

Your Sharepoint can be accessed through:

Please see useful documents and links on this page to assist you with your learning at home:
If you have a query or a problem with the Home Learning system please complete and send the form below, detailing name and year group of the student & someone will get back to you.
(Please do not use this form for any other queries).
Thank you.