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Computer Science, Business, Economics and Enterprise (CSBEE)

Head of Department: Vicky MacKinnon

Second in Department: Sam Knott

Our approach to the CSBEE curriculum

The CSBEE faculty seeks to impart knowledge, understanding and an enjoyment of Business studies, Computer Science, Economics and Enterprise. Well-qualified and enthusiastic teachers use a wide, and up-to-date range, of software and hardware hoping to inspire the students to opt for Computer Science and Business at the end of Year 8.

Business Studies is taught as an Option subject starting in Year 9, where we seek to make learning relevant and fun. During the 2 years of study students are given the opportunity to participate in many externally organised competitions and events, successfully linking the subject of Business with Enterprise. Post-16 students can opt to study Business, Computer Science or Economics at a higher level by following our GCE courses.

Enterprise is not just the domain of the CSBEE faculty and many elements reflecting enterprise skills are developed in other subject areas. We focus on teaching about enterprise and how to be enterprising in the business world.

The CSBEE Faculty are heavily involved in schooling the next generation of teachers of Computer Science through Schools Direct.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 we follow the AQA & OCR Computer Science GCSE specifications which includes the following topics:

  • Problem Solving
  • Programming
  • Hardware and Software
  • Computer Architecture

The course is assessed through examination only. Students will sit two examinations (worth a total of 100% of the GCSE qualification); students will complete programming tasks throughout the two years of the course in order to prepare them effectively for these examinations.

We also follow the Pearson Technical award in Enterprise which includes the following components:

  • Component 1 Exploring Enterprises – assessed through coursework
  • Component 2 Planning for and Running an Enterprise – assessed through coursework
  • Component 3 Promotion and Finance for Enterprise – assessed by an exam

The course is assessed through continually assessed coursework and an examination. Your first examination will be in the February of the second year of your course. The results of all three units are then added together to determine your final result.

Key Stage 5 (16-19 qualifications)

Computer Science

We follow the GCE AQA Computer Science specification. We develop students’ logical thinking and problem solving skills in order for them to be successful. Computer Science is a subject that develops students into analytical experts! Computer Science develops skills that will serve students well in any career as they will be able to apply the skills we learn in most areas. Computer Science is becoming extremely ubiquitous, and every young person will need to have these abilities during their careers at some stage; Computer Science will prepare them well for this.

The students are assessed throughout the course; they will be formally assessed at the end of Year 12 and will then be externally assessed at the end of Year 13. External assessment cones in the form of a practical project (20% of final grade) and two examinations (40% of final grade each).


We follow the GCE AQA Economics specification - it is essentially a subject that looks at choices - how individuals, governments and businesses make them and what the consequences of these decisions are. Economics is both challenging and highly desirable. You will explore the relationship between an individual’s decisions and local economics, how economic policy makers can affect change on the national or global stage, as well as developing an appreciation of fundamental principles of economics. All whilst honing your analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

A-level assessment will involve sitting three two hour written exams, each worth a third of the qualification. All three papers will include a range of question styles.


We follow the Eduqas Business specification – introducing students to the dynamic business environment and the importance of entrepreneurial activity in creating business opportunities and sustaining business growth. You will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of essential skills (such as researching, decision making, organisation) required for higher education and employment. The focus of the specification is to nurture an enthusiasm for studying business using real life contexts, allowing students to develop an appreciation of the strategic, complex and inter-related nature of business issues from a local to global perspective.

There are three examinations, each are 2hours and 15 minutes long and carry equal weighting

Component 1- Business Opportunities and Functions

Component 2 - Business Analysis and Strategy

Component 3 - Business in a Changing World

How you can find out more about the CSBEE curriculum:

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