Pastoral Care System

    Pastoral care is at the heart of our mission at St Mary's College. Inspired by our belief that each person is a unique individual creation of God, endowed with special gifts and talents, our Pastoral systems aim to nurture the growth and well-being of each member of our community.

    As a large school it is important that our pastoral care is organised into smaller and more manageable units. Each student therefore will be a member of a Year team consisting of around 280 students. Year teams are divided into eight forms (10 forms in Year 7 and 8) consisting of 28 students and Form groups are then divided into Personal Tutor groups.
    Each student therefore is placed under the special and particular care of a personal tutor who monitors attendance, punctuality and academic progress, ensuring that positive attitudes to learning and general engagement with College life, including involvement in extra-curricular programmes, are meeting with our high expectations.
    Each year team is led by a Head of Year, a teacher who has demonstrated expertise in ensuring young people make outstanding progress in the classroom. In Years 7, 8 and 9 there is also an Assistant Head of Year to support our larger year groups. In addition, each year group is supported by an Assistant Head Teacher.
    To support our Pastoral work, we have a team of mentors who support each year team and work closely with families to overcome some of the barriers to learning that our young people inevitably encounter.
    In support of our belief that our senior students can serve as excellent role models for younger students, we have developed a house system to promote healthy competition through Sport and also have a Student Council led by the Senior Pupils.
    We believe that outstanding pastoral care is an essential foundation for academic excellence and senior leaders work closely with all staff and indeed a wide range of external agencies in support of our students.

    To contact your child’s Pastoral Team please  send an email to the individual addresses below. For general enqiries please email: 

    Year 7: Head of Year – Mrs Wilbor             email: 

    Year 8: Head of Year – Miss Willson          email:

    Year 9: Head of Year – Mrs Williams         email:       

    Year 10: Head of Year – Miss Shinkwin     email:

    Year 11: Head of Year – Mrs Lilley            email: