At St. Mary's Sports College, physical education is a fundamental part of our pupil's everyday experience, embracing our college specialism in all areas of the curriculum. Pupils receive a minimum of two hours high quality Physical Education per week plus access to a range of extra curricular activities that will enrich their time dedicated to physical activity. In addition to this, our curriculum offers each pupil with the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification and/or accredited award in PE and Sport by following one of three learning pathways offered to them at the start of year 9.

Curriculum Overview

The PE and Sport programme we deliver offers a broad and balanced student experience. Our pupils are provided with the best opportunities to access high-quality personalised learning pathways and extra curricular activities in which a wide range of skills, competencies, knowledge and experience can be developed. Pupils will enjoy and succeed in many kinds of ways and will discover what they like to do, develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities, learn the value of a healthy and active lifestyle and have the guidance to allow creativity and performance to prosper.

The SMC PE & Sport Team

We have a fantastic group of PE and Sports specialists working within the Physical Education and Sport Department at St Mary's College. The team incorporates a range of expertise and experience including advanced skills teachers, professional sports coaches, teacher training mentors, trainee teachers ,  heads of year and a vast amount of personal experiences as professional and semi-professional athletes. We believe the individual skills and experiences combined make our team an exciting asset to our school community.