In AS Media you will be studying two units:

  • MEST 1: Investigating Media
  • MEST 2: Creating Media

MEST 1 will be examined in summer in a two hour exam and is worth 50% of your overall AS grade.

Section A will be based on an unseen text, and you will answer four questions based on the key concepts.

Section A of this exam is based on an unseen text which could be moving image or print based. There are four questions which will ask you to analyse the Media Forms, Representation, Audience and Institution of the text.

Section B is an essay question based around a case study which you will undertake independently. The case study will to be across three platforms which are print, moving image and the web.

Texts which have been studied in the past are The Walking Dead, Skins and Glee.

MEST 2 is examined by coursework. This will consist of two linked production pieces taken from two media platforms. Students can create a variety of products from trailers, magazine articles and web sites. MEST 2 is worth 50% of your overall grade.

In A2 Media you will be studying two units:

  • MEST3: Critical Perspectives
  • MEST4: Research and Production

The exam board set the topics for MEST3 which are:

  • Identities and the Media
  • The impact of new/digital media.

MEST3 will be examined in summer in a two hour exam and is worth 50% of the A2 grade.

The aim of this synoptic unit is to allow you to demonstrate a holistic understanding of the Media Studies specification. You will be encouraged to examine the media in a less formulaic way. This unit will encourage you to demonstrate your understanding of concepts, and also develop and formulate your approach to the media and the role of the media in today's society by referring to the wider contexts (social, political, historical, economic, as appropriate) which affect media production, distribution and exhibition, by tackling media theory and by taking part in a discussion of the major contemporary media issues and debates.

Each topic area will allow you to examine media issues and debates, theory and wider contexts, while also consolidating your understanding and use of the media concepts and other aspects of the specification covered at AS level.

After the exam students will study MEST4, Research and Production. There are two units in this section, they are:

Critical Investigation and a Linked production piece.

MEST4 is examined by coursework, and is worth 50% of the A2 grade. This consists of a two pieces of work.

Students are required to produce an individual 2000 word investigation. This investigation is intended to provide an in-depth back ground for the practical production, it should be an investigation or piece of research based upon a clearly focused title and should be textually focused.

It should be word processed and there should be a detailed bibliography.

Examples of investigation questions are: why does the beauty myth continue to be seen in beauty adverts? The linked production could be a series of perfume adverts or part of a documentary about the beauty business.

Over the last two years there has been significant investment in resources (such as JVC SD HD cameras, tripods, three fully equipped computer rooms with the latest editing and image manipulation software). The Department are passionate about the Media and students will have a chance to be creative as well as question the Media and learn how to deconstruct it.

As part of the Media courses students will get the chance to go to the Berlin Film festival and London to visit the IMAX cinema and the BBC building.