The History Department Staff

Miss R Flanagan- Assistant Headteacher / Head of Humanities

Mrs J Aitken - Subject Leader of History

Mr J Boden- Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of History

Mrs A Brown-Teacher of History

Ms K Cameron-Teacher of History/RE

Miss L Fox/ Teacher of Drama/ History

Miss L Gibbins- Teacher of History

Mr J Midgely- Teacher of History

Miss R Wickenden - Teacher of History

Year 7
Term 1: History Skills; The Roman Empire; Norman Conquest; Medieval Life;
Term 2: Problems facing Medieval Monarchs; The Tudors;
Term 3: Crown and Parliament, 1600-1750; Enemies of the State, 1600-1800;

Year 8
Term 1: Slavery & its abolition; Dying for the Vote; The British Empire
Term 2: Britain transformed 1750-1900; The Titanic; WW1; Inter-war years 1918- 1939;

Term 3: WW2; 9/11; Twentieth Century themes;

Key Stage 4

Years 9-11

Year 9


Term 1 -Medicine through Time, 1250- present

Term 2- Medicine through Time cont.; British Sector of the Western Front

Term 3- The American West

Year 10


Term 1 –Early Elizabethan England

Term 2- Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918- 39

Term 3-Revision and exam preparation

Year 11


Term 1 –The American West

Term 2- Early Elizabethan England

Term 3-Revision and exam preparation

Key Stage 5 / A-level (Year 12-13)

Y12: AQA

Unit 1J: Part 1- The development of Imperialism, c.1857-1890

Unit 2H: Part 1 – The end of absolutism and the French Revolution, 1774-1795

Y13: AQA

Unit 1J: Part 2: Imperial consolidation and Liberal rule, c.1890-1914

Unit 2H: Part 2: The rise of Napoleon and his impact on France and Europe, 1795-1815

Unit 3: Historical Investigation: Coursework

Education visits

In Year 9 students have the opportunity to visit the First World War battlefields in France and Belgium.

In Year 12 students visit WISE for a morning to further develop their understanding of the slave trade.


History Club runs on Thursdays in M26 for students in Years 7 & 8.

GCSE Revision

Revision for the 2018 exams is held every Wednesday lunchtime and after school for Years 10 and 11.  

Further information

Please follow (@History_SMC) for more information about exams and the department.