Chaplaincy News

    Chaplaincy Introduction

    St Mary's College Chaplaincy is located in the most prominent position in the College, in the middle of the new SM6 building at its highest point. This emphasizes the point that Christ is at the centre of our College community. Our beautiful new Chapel and Chaplaincy office is co-located with the RE Department, underlining the idea that at school we learn the values of the Gospel & put them into practice.

    The Chaplaincy is the hub for an exciting range of activities:

    Liturgy and Worship

    On special Feast Days and at the end of the year we share in the celebration of whole school Mass - sometimes in the open air if the weather is good enough. The music, readings, drama & dance are co-ordinated through the chaplaincy and always serve to make these celebrations such wonderful occasions.

    Each week there is a voluntary Mass in the chapel and opportunities for both quiet, private prayer and shared experiences in organised prayer groups. In conjunction with the RE Department, liturgies are developed to mark the seasons of the Church's year and each RE class participates in Advent and Lenten Reflections in advance of whole college Christmas and Easter liturgies. Our Chaplaincy co-ordinator Hannah is also fully involved in the delivery of assemblies throughout the college.

    Retreats, Reflection Days and Pilgrimages

    The College enjoys an excellent relationship with The Briars, the Diocese of Nottingham's Youth retreat centre located in the tranquil Derbyshire countryside.

    There is an annual retreat in May for Year 8 students and an opportunity for Year 10 students to enjoy the spiritual renewal that the various programmes can offer.

    In addition, a variety of pilgrimages and extended visits take place on a regular basis. These include the Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes, the RE Departmental interfaith study seminar to New York for Sixth Form students, an exciting opportunity for a small group of Sixth Form students to visit the Holy Land and a Key Stage 4 pilgrimage to Rome.

    The college regularly holds days of Spiritual Reflection and every few years hosts a whole school mission, a series of exciting and stimulating activities and liturgies, designed to help us reflect upon a common spiritual theme. We regularly collaborate with our own Diocese of Middlesbrough Youth mission team 'MyMission' in the delivery of these activities.

    Charitable works

    The college Chaplaincy is the focal point of our fundraising activities and is a source of profound and sometimes alternative ways to raise money to help a range of charities. We strongly believe in the importance of turning prayer into action and thereby responding Christ's challenge to love our neighbour.

    Chaplaincy team

    At St Mary's we have two lay chaplains, Hannah and Mrs Coyle. They fill a pivotal role in the life of our school through ensuring that the Chaplaincy mission is at the heart of everything we do, through encouraging our students to get involved in exploring their faith by leading liturgies, lunch time activities including prayer groups and our Youth SVP group and our Peer Mentoring programme. They also support the pastoral care of our students and liaise with our family of schools and parishes. We are very blessed to have a number of Priest Chaplains who visit the school regularly to say Mass, visit RE lessons and celebrate the various events that punctuate the liturgical calendar.

    We believe Chaplaincy is about walking alongside people, building relationships, being present for people and being a presence around school. It is about accompanying and supporting the school community and individuals within in it on their life journey, wherever it may take them.