British Values

St Mary's College is proud to be a Catholic School, building on universal Christian values of the dignity of each life, the equality of all people and aims to encourage all students to live out a vocation to love their neighbour as themselves and to serve the common good.

St Mary’s College is proud to have Religious Education at the centre of our curriculum, to which it devotes over 10% of time in Years 7 – 11.  We believe that a thorough understanding of our Catholic values, of what it means to be religious, of a variety of religious standpoints, especially the major world religions and of those who do not have religious faith, is essential to understanding what it means to be human and alive in our contemporary world. At the heart of this is our view that religious belief and practice must liberate people in their living and their thinking, allowing individuals to be fully human and creative. Fundamentalist and extreme practice can be identified when this liberating and positive view of the world and of life is missing

St Mary’s College is proud to be an international school, both in the sense of its multicultural student constituency (40 + mother tongues) and in its accreditation by the British Council receiving commendations for its “exemplary practice”. Learning daily from each other, students enjoy cultural diversity and richness of tradition and know how to live harmoniously with those from very different backgrounds and experiences.

St Mary’s College is proud to be a British school maintained by diocesan, local and national government authorities and to be held to account by them as appropriate. We appreciate that we are enabled to flourish in a country which respects life, cultural diversity, hospitality, equality of all and enshrines these values in law, upheld successfully by our long standing parliamentary democratic tradition.  These values – Catholic, international, religious and British - merge and complement each other in our work and in our fundamental mission. In our community therefore, we humbly attempt to systematically live out these values, for example, in our strong emphasis on pastoral care, in our curriculum especially RE and PSHCE, our student councils, our daily behaviour, relationships and choices.